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A year has just gone by since the first issue of our journal. It seems like a short while ago. In accordance with the long-term plan adopted by the Editing Board at the end of November 2005 we present the fifth issue of the quarterly journal — Polish Journal of Commodity Science to our readers. We assumed that the leading themes of this issue are going to be commodity problems and quality assurance of the products containing surface-active substances. In order to widen the circle of our authors and readers of an English version we have included several articles in English. As before, irrespective of the language of the original publication each article includes a lengthy abstract both in Polish and English. Abstracts of all articles published in our journal are available on-line at our website at

A series of 10 articles published in the current issue of our quarterly begins with aZielinski's paper concerning the aggregation processes taking place in water solutions of surfactants on interfacial surfaces. Aggregation processes in these systems are very often used in modern technologies where high quality materials are prepared for electronic needs. The same processes are also used in the production of high quality market products connected with keeping high hygienic and cleanliness standards such as hair shampoos, shower gels, liquid soap and washing-up liquids.

Sulek, who deals with the role of surfactants from the group of oxyetolate fat alcohol in hair shampoos and dishwashing liquids, discusses this latest topic in his article. The models developed by these authors can be used at the stage of composition design of new market products containing ox ethylene fatty alcohols.

The subject of the quality of products belonging to the group of household chemistry is continued in several other papers. Wasilewski presents the results of experimental work concerning quality management of liquids used in washing-up by hand. The author analyses the effect of concentration of non-ion surfactants on such usage characteristics of model washing-up liquids as: susceptibility for thickening under the influence of salt, foam making properties and capacity for emulsification of fat substances. In turn papers written by Kaniewski and Gajewski undertake problems of the change of rheological properties of selected household chemistry products during their long-term storage. The research into relations between raw materials contents and price of hair shampoos that are on the Polish market is the subject of the article prepared by Belcikowska, Arct and Pytkowska.

Possibilities of using modeling in quality management of market products are the key problems of the next article written by Pugaczowski and Osipienko. The paper presents the results of research into possibility of determining numerical value of indicators characterizing selected physical and mechanical properties of wool fabric. The mathematical models that have been developed by the authors are the basis for designing quality of wool fabric as regards its calculated physical and mechanical properties depending on the complex construction parameters of this type of fabric.

In their next article Brandt and collaborators discuss the results of their own research concerning the fraction of wheat grains of various types. The authors suggest using this measuring

parameter as a critical point in the system of providing health quality standard based on the content of y -HCH and DDT.

The theme of product safety is continued in the work of Krejpcio and collaborators in which they focus on the products for infants and small children. The results of research into the quality of milk and rice and milk, rice and fruit grouts point to the fact that the levels of heavy metals contents (Pb, Cs, Cu and Zn) in these products are within the allowed limits.

Algorithmization of processes is one of the most important elements making it easier for the specialists concerned with the quality to implement the quality management systems in accordance with ISO 9001:2000 standards. In the article ending the present issue of the journal Woj-ciechowski and Wojciechowska present the problems of algorithmization of implementation processes of quality management in the hospital.

The communication prepared by Bojarowicz discusses basic concepts related to containing sun protection filters.

The fifth issue of our quarterly closes with the permanent column called ,,TPJ Information". The report on the third conference entitled ,,Surfactants and Dispersed Systems in Theory and Practice SURUZ 2005 included there is worth recommending.

Deputy editor of Polish Journal of Commodity Science
Professor Ryszard Zielinski, PhD habilitatus, eng.

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