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Determining the suitability of TTI indicator in the supply chain of pork

Key words:
time-temperature indicator (TTI), intelligent
packaging, pork, quality.

Changes in the organization of trade cause changes in the supply of foodstuffs, of meat and
meat products among others. There are different systems for meat packing, and getting to
know their pros and cons you can choose the package for specific ranges and conditions of
transport and storage.
Meat has a limited shelf life, causing additional requirements in the supply and sales. In
order to ensure food quality and safety regulations have been introduced for the production
and marketing and the use of quality management systems. The use of an efficient system for
tracking the movement of food also improves consumer safety.
The aim of the study is related to the problem of ensuring health safety of meat in the
whole of its supply chain. It was decided to investigate the usefulness of temperature and time
indicator to monitor the conditions of supply from the manufacturer to the retail market based
on the model research and the actual one. The subject of the research was pork packed in OPP
foil bags and placed in cardboard boxes, which were then loaded into refrigerated vehicles. It
was found that the temperature indicator TTI MonitorMark has demonstrated the usefulness
for monitoring temperature during transport and unloading of meat to the shops.

PoznaƄ School of Logistics
Poznan University of Economics and Business, Faculty of Commodity Science,
Department of Commodity Science and Ecology of Industrial Products

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