Consumer preferences on impulse ice cream

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Key words:

impulse ice cream, market, consumer preferences.


Impulse ice cream are sold in individual packages (as ice ”on a stick", in cups with a capacity of 200 ml, cones, sandwich ice cream etc.) or without packaging (as traditional ice cream ball in the wafer), purchased mostly under the influence of emotion and desire. Impulse ice cream are a large part of the ice cream market in Poland, especially in the months of May – September. Total consumption of ice cream in Poland is still very low on the background of consumption in Europe. Research has shown that the impulse ice cream are the most popular in the summer season. Consumers are increasingly opting for new, innovative flavours and types of ice cream. The decisive factor in buying impulse ice cream is still the weather. Ingestion of impulse ice cream for years recorded the highest values in the summer. Impulse ice cream consumers are open to innovation and new, previously unheard of in the ice cream, flavours. Ingestion of impulse ice cream out of the summer season is often limited by consumer preferences, as well as a smaller supply of this type of ice cream.

dr inż. Agnieszka PALKA

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