Evaluation of customer awareness of parabens used in cosmetics

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Key words: 

parabens, cosmetics, customer awareness, cosmetics safety

Summary  Parabens are widely used preservatives in cosmetics. Despite the fact that these preservatives have been broadly studied, their safety is still questioned. The purpose of the research was to analyse consumer behaviours in the market of cosmetics and assess their knowledge relating to parabens used in cosmetics. One hundred people took part in the survey (50 women and 50 men). The survey was conducted in the form of a questionnaire containing 20 single and multiple choice questions.  The results show that consumers are guided by the price, effectiveness and economical use when selecting a cosmetic. For consumers, the internet is the main source of information about cosmetics. Consumers are not interested in information placed on the label of cosmetics. Among this information, the key importance is the effect of the cosmetic. Consumers do not pay much attention to information relating to the content of parabens in the cosmetic. The presence of these substances does not have a significant impact on the purchase decisions made by consumers. The knowledge of consumers relating to parabens contained in cosmetics is limited. Consumers have little knowledge relating to the purpose of using parabens in cosmetics and their potential impact on the human body.
 dr inż. Agata SZKIEL

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