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Food consumers – types and attitudes




Key words: 

consumers  behaviour, consumers types, preferences, attitudes, Food Neophobia Scale. 


Consumers can be characterized taking into account their preferences, attitudes toward food, including attitudes about novelty in the food market. By distinguishing consumer behavior, they can be grouped into specific types.  The article describes factors influencing consumer behavior, different consumer typologies and consumers' attitudes toward novelty in the food market and the questionnaire for its measurement – Food Neophopbia Scale. The survey of Food Neophobia Scale was carried out among 152 students of 3 universities: University of Technology in  Częstochowa, University of Technology in Łódź and University of Technology in Kraków.  As a result of the conducted research, it has been found that students are characterized by low attitudes of lack of acceptance of novelty in food. They are willing to try new products, food from other countries and are open to new developments.


University of Economics in Kraków

Faculty of Commodity Science Department of Quality Management

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