Leather goods notified to the RAPEX system in the years 2004–2017 – notification analysis for hazard types

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Key words: 

RAPEX, non-food products, leather goods, harmful chemicals


The EU rapid exchange of information system RAPEX on hazardous substances has been developed to protect consumer health and safety. It is a source of data on non-food products introduced into European markets and posing a hazard to their users.  RAPEX system website contains information on notified dangerous products, including leather goods. A large share of notifications refer to footwear for adults. Notifications report also shoes for children, gloves, clothing, gallantry and even leather jewellery.  In this paper notifications to the RAPEX system related to leather goods are analysed, with particular focus on the imposed kinds of hazards. The review of notifications covered the period from 6th week of 2004 to the 26th week of 2017, and covered 310 notifications. Vast majority of notifications were related to chemical hazards, while only a few hazards were connected with improper footwear design. The most often cause of notifications of leather goods to the RAPEX system was an excessive amount of chromium VI in products or its components compared to the REACH requirements. Also, in a few cases, the presence of too large amounts of dimethyl fumarate, formaldehyde, pentachlorophenol, aromatic amines, i.e. benzidine, 3,3’dimethylobenzidine, dimethoxybenzidine, 4-aminoazobenzene, 4,4'- -methylenodianilina, p-cresidyne, 4-aminobiphenyl, was reported.
 dr inż. Elżbieta BIELAK*,  dr inż. Gabriela ZIELIŃSKA**

Cracow University of Economics Faculty of Commodity Science and Product Management

Department of Industrial Commodity Science

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