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The convenience of use and informative functions of the bag-in-box packaging systems for NFC juices




Key words: 

bag-in-box packaging, informative functions, labeling, convenience of use, NFC juices

Summary Polish consumers are increasingly looking for healthy, fresh and additive free products. This trend is particularly visible on the juice, nectar and fruit drink market. As a result, the last few years have seen a rapid growth in the NFC (not from concentrate) juice market. It is also estimated that the volume of NFC juices sold in Poland will rise by more than half in the forthcoming years. An increasing attractiveness of the NFC juice market is also due to the use of the bag-in-box packaging solutions, which, thanks to their design, allow the juice to be kept open for up to three weeks.  The purpose of this study was to understand consumers' preferences and their opinions regarding the use of the bag-in-box packaging systems for juices, and to conduct consumer and expert evaluation of the packaging of selected apple juices available on the market. The research was carried out in three stages. Firstly, consumer preferences were assessed with the use of a questionnaire survey. Secondly, the consumer evaluation of the apple juice packaging was conducted. Thirdly, the packaging solutions were assessed in terms of their informative functions and the TVScore method was applied. The results of the study confirmed the high interest of consumers with NFC juices in bag-in-box packaging, and also helped to define their expectations in terms of the packaging features and its informative properties. The use of the modified TVScore method made it possible not only to evaluate the visibility, readability and understanding of the mandatory labelling, but also to assess the pictograms showing how to use the bag-in-box packaging. Studies have confirmed the need for research into new and modified bag-in-box designs for NFC juices, as none of the apple juice packaging systems analysed fully met consumer expectations and all of them raised the experts’ concerns.

prof. dr hab. Małgorzata LISIŃSKA-KUŚNIERZ  dr inż. Bartłomiej KABAJA  C

racow University of Economics  Faculty of Commodity Science and Product Management Department of Packaging Science 27 Rakowicka St., 31-510 Cracow, Poland e-mails:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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