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Smart packaging technologies in sustainable food supply chain management – a review






The depleting natural resources lead global economies to sustainable development. One way to solve this problem is the concept of circular economy in which each product goes through a full life cycle. This kind of closing the loop allows to reduce the consumption of natural resources and allows to a large extent to reuse them, among others through widely understood recycling. In accordance with the European Union guidelines contained in the Framework Directive on waste, waste should be followed in accordance with the waste hierarchy, which first indicates the reduction of waste generation. The amount of waste generated by the food production sector alone is as much as 1/3 of the total production, which is estimated at almost USD 1,000 billion and around 7% of greenhouse gas emissions. A large proportion of this waste is generated in cold supply chains. The introduction of more effective supply chain management as well as active and intelligent packaging (smart packaging) can significantly reduce food losses. The paper presents selected methods of supply chain management taking into account food, in particular cold supply chains. In addition, smart packaging of food products is presented, which support logistics processes, affect better traceability of products and provide added value in the transport process and food storage.



Poznań University of Economics and Business, Institute of Quality Science  Department of Industrial Product Quality and Packaging Development




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