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Design of gluten-free cookies enriched with lemon grass





gluten-free cookies; lemon grass; gluten-free diet; consumer acceptance 


Gluten-free confectionary products seems to attract attention of increasing number of consumers. Unfortunately high consumption of gluten-free products may lead to low micronutrient intake, poor vitamin status and exceeded energy intake in comparison to glutencontaining counterparts. The challenge is to improve the nutritional and health properties of gluten-free products simultaneously ensuring sensory attractiveness. The aim of the study was to obtain an optimized gluten-free cookie formulation with addition of lemon grass. Different gluten-free flours and sugar replacers were tested to receive adequate sensory attributes of cookies. In the last stage, experimental cookies were subjected to preliminary consumer testing with 37 participants. The results of the study suggest that lemon grass infusion could be consider as a health-promoting ingredient in gluten-free confectionary products. Further product development and consumer testing with individuals on gluten-free diet should be taken into consideration.


Poznań University of Economics and Business, Institute of Quality Science  Department of Food Quality and Safety 




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