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Key words:

meat block products, processed meat, canned meat, quality, colour, texture.


The aim of the work was to compare the quality of two group of block meat products i.e. processed and canned meat, sold in retail network of Lublin City. The nutritive value and composition of preserved meats declared by the manufacturers were verified with the chemical and analytical assays. Results of sensory assessment were compared with requirements of adequate Polish Standards. The chemical composition (i.e. content ofmoisture, ash, total protein, free fat and salt) was determined, and water:protein ratio andsaltiness index were calculated. Texture parameters (shear force and TPA tests), as well as colour and its stability were measured instrumentally. The block preserved meats were properly labeled and provided all mandatory information.Labels of two tourist minced canned pork and all block processed meat did not contain information about nutritive value. It was stated that evaluated block products showed nodisqualifying characteristics and their sensory qualities were in line with the  equirements of Polish Standards. Both products had a similar chemical composition and technological indices. The block processed meat showed significantly higher shear force, hardness, gumminess, and chewiness compared with preserved meats. The compared block products had similar colour attributes, except for lightness. The block of anned meats was significantly darker than processed meat. Moreover, the colour of the latter product was significantly more stable. The fat content declared by the manufacturers of canned meat products did not differ with results of chemical analysis. The lower content of protein, than producer’s statement, was determined just in one canned product. However, two processed and one canned meat products contained less protein compared with the requirements of adequate Polish Standards. According to nutritional considerably lower content of fat and salt, than
limits in objective Polish Standards.

Mariusz FLOREK, Marcin PIZOŃ, Rebeka SOBOLEWSKA,
Małgorzata RYSZKOWSKA-SIWKO, Małgorzata DMOCH
University of Life Sciences in Lublin
Department of Commodity Sciences and Processing of Animal Raw Materials

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